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No. This is known as redistribution and is not allowed. It is only allowed on items that were free or open source, but there may be limitations. You should always check with the individual licensing of a particular product. 

Yes, for free items. But, not for paid items unless you make changes or add value to the downloaded product. 

Yes. Each time you use the end product, you will need to add a new license. This ensures our community vendors are paid for their products and you have the legal right to use them.

Yes. You can use images as part of social posts because the image is part of a larger end product, the post as a whole. The value in the post comes from the image input as well as the other work (text, edits, comments) you make related to it. 

Yes, for free items. This is not allowed for paid items, however. Items downloaded must be used by the purchaser only, even if that purchaser is part of a larger organization where other users may provide input to an end product.

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